ANA Crashes Live when changing Presets

I’ve been working on my own “one synth challenge” track using only ANA, but twice in two days I’ve had ANA hang while I attempted to change a preset with the track playing. I noticed that others who reported crashes saw the hang when changing the Category. Mine both happened when changing the Preset.

I’ve read about the 192Khz problem, but I’m using pretty much the Live defaults; 44.1Khz. (Including screen shots of my Live Audio settings and the crashed ANA.)

I’m running 64-bit Windows 7 with all current Windows updates. I’ve got Ableton Suite 8.3 installed, and the Live Set I’m using only has ANA and a couple of Live’s Drum Racks in it; no other instruments or 3rd party effects. My audio interface is pre-hybrid MOTU UltraLite-mk3.

I do have the Ableton Crash Report files from the two crashes, but don’t know if they’re of use to anyone other than Ableton.

Oh, one other thing. Last night I might have still been using ANA 1.02. But I updated to 1.03 yesterday, so today’s crash was definitely on 1.03.

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SAME PROBLEM but with logic 9.1.8br
Not only while going through presets, but just about anything makes it crash. I have to hit stop in logic, listen to a preset, wait for the tail end of the audio to end. Go to the next preset. If I get too crazy tweaking stuff it crashes. Also crashes in Ableton, but seems to run better in Ableton 9 than Logic 918