ANA Crashing Ableton

Every time a place a new ANA synth instance into my midi channel than try and try and select Factory 2 I get this pop up which then crashes
I’ve tried uninstalling ANA twice and reinstalling both packs twice and still keep getting this. Strangely the channels that have ANA and are using Factory 2 work fine and I can browse the selection, it’s just if I try another instance of
Any ideas?br
Oh and it looks like there was a type with the error pop up, I think it needs to read ‘has’ and not ‘have’.br

Is this something recent?br
have you created your own preset bank? ANA will crash if you try to load presets where the folder structure isnt correct.

Hello, I have the same problem:br
Trying to change the sound bank in ANA results in my Ableton Live
This is very annoying ! Any plan for a bug fix ?br

have you created a custom preset bank? is the folder structure correct?

I’ve created the bank by adding a directory with my custom presets inbr
C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\A.N.A\Presets\br
Is there any other way to do it ?br
By the way can we change the default direrctory in which banks are stored ?

No the factory location can’t be
Presets need to be in a category folder then a bank
So preset - category - bank