ANA Distortion Amp Sim issue at higher sample rates

Hi, Sonic Academy.

My Studio is using 192kHz Sampling Rate.
I installed ANA today and I found some presets overloads CPU.
After some tests, I noticed Amp Sim (in the distortion section) uses quite lots of CPU.
Even if all note is off, it uses CPU power much more than any other(!!!) amp sim product.
Therefore, it makes me thinking this is a bug.

Tested the issue under some computers and vst hosts.
All computer says 100% CPU is used by ANA without playing any notes.
I hope this issue will get fixed,
otherwise I can’t use ANA in the production because it makes my studio unstable.


Can anyone confirm this issue?
Amp Sim and presets using that, is unusable for me.

Yeah the amp sim does use quite a bit of CPU… but I can still get like 10 ANAs on my system.

What CPU are you using. Do you have a sound card?

Sorry just read you are using 192 sample rate. I can imagine how that could be an issue.