ANA filter parallel/serial switch

The design of the switch on ANA that selects between parallel and serial is super confusing, I find. When it’s in the darkened state and reads “Parallel”, it’s in series. When it’s in the lit state and says “Series”, it’s in parallel. That is just really bad design - according to standard conventions you would expect the opposite. But I’m testing it and it seems like it’s really set up that way. I may be pedantic about this stuff, however this is an important control for this synth.

Similarly for the high/low switch in the settings. There is a simple convention for labeling a checkbox, there is no need to overcomplicate it. Just use one label for “High definition filter” and one checkbox.

yes i think it perhaps comes across as a little confusing - we will certainly take a look at making that clearer going forward.

agreed - there are certainy areas we can improve on

Thank you Bryan