Ana Kicks


So I have been trying to focus alot of my time lately on working out how to bridge the gap between good kicks and awesome kicks like we hear in say avicii’s tracks. I have read and tried lots of different layering techniques but Im still not even getting close to there kicks.

So the question I want to ask is do kicks from a synth like Ana match up to professinal kicks or should kicks really be left to samples.

And while I am at it if anyone has any good advice to getting great kicks it would be good to hear what is working for other people.

Thanks for any replys

ANA Kicks Stack up well against samples… although i find they work best layering them as the clicks/Knocks are pretty standard.

The really cool thing about ANAs kicks is you can really fine tune the low end to match your bass.

Thanks Phil and I hope to get the hang of it eventually.

While we are on the topic of kicks, is I was at cosmic gate last night really paying attention to the low end and it sounds like most of there basslines are driving along more by the sub bass layer playing the same pattern. But there kicks still are so tough, Is this a matter of if you want a big bassline you have to use really short kicks or is there a rough frequencies that the tail of a kick sits around and you could high pass you sub bass just above that and it would leave enough room for your kick and bass to both sound tough?

Thanks for your reply as well