ANA Not Licensed

I just upgraded to ANA 1.5 because I wanted to use the 64bit ANA in Logic
When I load ANA into an instrument slot in Logic a message comes up saying that ANA is not licensed. If I load the 32bit version no such message comes up at all and everything works fine. I’m using a 2008 intel Macbook Pro 3GHz, OS 10.6.8. How can I get the 64bit version of ANA to work in Logic?

Your supposed to download a license or .reg and put it in a certain folder. I forgot which one but its on the page where you downloaded it.

There should be a license file here:br
/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/A.N.A/License

It is licensed, like I said the 32bit version works fine. Just the 64bit version seems to need a license. Are you telling me that I need to point to the license for the 64bit plug in when the 32bit version is already working fine?

you should check the folder just to make sure there is a license file in
There do seem to be a few issues with the 64 plugin in logic anyway so i would recommend using the
are you having memory issues in 32bit?

I have checked to see if the license file is there and it is. Besides I can’t even load the GUI because the plug-in can’t be validated in 64bit. See attachments. Yes I am having memory issues in 32 bit. It is a large project and a message comes up saying memory is low. Sometimes Logic crashes when the timeline reaches a busy part.

We are aware of a few issues with 64bit in logic… Our developer is working on fix.