ANA ok in live 9 demo but cant find it in logic pro x instruments !?

I just bought ANA after trying the trial and downloaded the three 1.5 packs and have got the synth working fine with ver1.5 packs installed in Live 9 trial but cant even find it in logic instruments in logic pro X? I’m running ver 10.9.5 on a mac book pro 2.4 Ghz core 2 Duo with 4 gig ram. Please can someone help? It seemed to install with no problems at all but just is not available in logic at
Thanks in advancebr

did you also install the 64bit version… its a separate installer

Hi therebr
Yes I’m sure I installed the 64bit version as I read another post with that advice but I still cant see it in my au instruments folder in logic.

And again, sorry for the embarrassingly stupid questions. Smile

Have you reloaded logic since installation?br
Have you any other DAWS you can check if it’s installed?br
Is it showing up with any error codes in the logic audio unit manager?