AnA or Waves?


DUDE!! I love this track! YES! WAY TO GO! I have some constructive feedback that I think will help out but before I get into my feedback I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your mix. You mentioned wanting feedback regarding the sound of your mix but it sounds pretty tight to me. No big problems to my ears. Very musical. You should be very very proud of your work!

Most of my feedback centers around improving your arrangement. Focusing on WHEN certain musical elements occur. These suggestions are in no particular order of importance and are a combination of suggestions and things that I really liked. They are in the order that I heard them and wrote them down. I will try to be as specific as possible.

  1. Your sub enters at bar 17 which means you only have a 16 bar intro. Most uplifting tracks have a 32 bar intro so don’t introduce the sub until the 33rd measure. This also means extending your intro. Without a 32-bar intro your track instantly becomes less DJ friendly.

  2. Consider filtering in the mid bass lines in the intro. HP the mid basses at the start and slowly bring down the HP leading into either the 17th or 33rd measure. This will also help create more movement in your intro leading into the drop at bar 33. (Also I went back to listen and I think your mid basses could use just a bit more sidechaining. I think that would deepen the groove. )

  3. The sparkle sound in the first chorus is placed quite nicely in the stereo field. I think it would benefit from some slight panning automation. It could be cool if the sparkles slowly waved from side to side in the stereo field. I think this would add even more “shimmer.”

  4. Your transition into the breakdown was very musical except for right when the breakdown started. Everything right up until the start of the breakdown is perfect. However, right when the breakdown hits for some reason you decided to change keys. Why did you do this? Was this done on purpose? Everything before the breakdown is in AMajor and the breakdown is in FMajor. The chord of the final bar before the breakdown is an EMajor (functions as an E7) and the first chord of the breakdown is FMajor. This half step chord change is very jolting and wasn’t musical. Essentially the listener is expecting something in AMajor because that’s the key center that you created for us to expect. Then out of nowhere you change the key and it’s quite unsettling. I suggest to stay in the same key. Choose either AMajor or FMajor for the entire track and stick to one key. However, if you absolutely must change keys I think we could find a more musical way to do so. Message me directly if you want to talk about it. Key in mind this would also entail changing the key back sometime later in the composition. I suggest against doing so.

  5. The drop out the breakdown felt like it came a bit out of nowhere. The intensity immediately jumped up. I was wanting more build up into the drop. Either extend the length of the breakdown to give you more time to build or build up more aggressively/quickly. However with that said, the vibe of the drop, arrangement, mix etc was great. Driving but also relaxed. I can hear your O’Shine inspiration.

  6. You presented 3.5 choruses between the end of the breakdown and the start of the outro at 7:13. Subjectively I think that’s a bit too long. 3 choruses after the breakdown is in my mind an appropriate, long but appropriate, length for a vocal uplifting tune that decided to reprise the vocal chorus after an instrumental drop. For this arrangement I would stick to 2 choruses. Also it was a bit weird because as I mentioned you presented 3.5 choruses. The half chorus felt weird. It’s possible to change it to 2.5 where you have 2 full choruses and a 16-bar interlude leading into the outro but I think it’s most simple to just stick to 2 where the last 16 bars of the second chorus also serve as a transition into the outro.

  7. I kinda already said this before, but because you changed key earlier in the song, the outro is in a different key from the intro. I noticed this from a musical standpoint because the outro felt different but also keep in mind you are making the track less DJ friendly by changing keys.

That’s it dude! GREAT JOB! Mix was great, you created a nice trancey vibe and in general you should be very proud of your work! I hope this helps you. All my best! -Simon

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Hell yea dude! What a big improvement! It’s all about the music.