ANA Plugin Cutoff control in Cubase


I’m using Cubase 4.5 + ANA plugin 1.5

I bought yesterday the “Ultimate ANA Bundle — Ultimate ANA Preset Bundle” and I have a question using the CUTOFF big button in ANA. Is it possible to use a Midi controller in Cubase to modify the Cutoff in ANA please ?

In a “Keyboard editing” window, I can select sustain or velocity, or “CC 2 (Breath)”, “CC 11 (Expression)”, “CC 64 (Sustain)” etc etc (I see there are 128 controllers usable from “CC 0” to “CC 127”), Can you please tell me if you know what is the CC number to control the Cutoff big button in ANA, if it’s possible, of course?

In fact I want to be able to change the Cutoff in each track as I want, with drawing a line from zero to 127 for example, to have a progressive Cutoff and then from 127 to zero. Can be usefull with the “Virus ARP Saw” in the Bank “Sonic Academy Vol 3”.

Thank you very much for your reply.



Hi Philip

You need to assign the automation channel to the VST parameter “Filter 1/2 Cuttoff”

Hi Bryan,

Thank you very much for your reply, when we say we learn something every day, I did not know about the “Automation” ! you taught me something very interesting ! thank a lot :slight_smile:

The problem I met was when I was opening a new automation window in one ANA Track, in the window “Add a parameter” I was not finding the plugin ANA in the list as choice, only Volume, Mute, etc and when clicking on “Plus…” only two folders were available “Track FX” and “All CC”, nothing else.

The solution was in fact so simple ! you must just open the folder “VST instruments” (where all the VSTs plugins are inside, the ones you use for your music) and find the good track where you want to change the cutoff (for example), and click on the “R” button (its color changes into green), then use the pen or trace a line to change the value as like you want in the automation track located to the right.

Perhaps it will help somebody else one day.

Thank again Bryan for your precious help.