ANA Preset Pack Vol 10 - Progressive Trance 2 / 166

ANA Preset Pack Vol 10  - Progressive Trance 2

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Sonic Academy proudly delivers another monster preset pack for ANA v1.5. ANA Preset Pack Vol 10 - Progressive Trance 2 is 128 stunning presets to take your productions to the next level. We have created some of the most technically advanced presets for ANA and this pack will be the difference between creating an average track or a truly inspirational one. These presets will also work just as well in Trance, Progressive, Tech Trance and Tech House genres. Now you can get the best sound design for ANA

Definitely a must have

amazing job - Jedi is a killer bass sound. I didn’t realise how good ANA could sound

Great sounds, great for inspiration!

I’m sorry but the pack Sonic Academy A.N.A Presets Vol 10 - Prog Trance 2 buy 26.08 it does not function like any other.
the ANA plugin does not detect it and I do not know how to do it
thank you for helping me

Hi there @Oighen

Are you trying to install those presets for ANA 2 or ANA soft-synth ??

This presets pack is for ANA ( the prior version to ANA 2 which is now discontinued for sales ), those presets are not compatible with ANA 2 soft-synth.

If you’re using ANA 2 & purchased those presets by error, please email

ok thanks

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@Oighen No worries, this can happen, customer service will sort this out for you if you email them and explain the mistake.

And BTW, here is a link to only ANA 2 Presets Packs ( 8 Packs + 1 Bundle available at the moment ) : Sonic Sounds | All Products