ANA Preset Pack Vol 9 - Tech House / 128

ANA Preset Pack Vol 9 - Tech House

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Sonic Academy presents another massive preset bank for ANA. This time the Sonic team have delivered on another incredible assortment of stomping basses, sharp stabs, deep pads, and tight as you like plucks. Also included are banks of FX’s, Keys, Drums Leads and awesome sub tools for those floor shakin basslines.

This pack features a total of 128 presets and comes with an added bonus of 28 Tech House Drum Loops and 8 MIDI patterns.

This is ANA at her most perfectly sound designed best and one of the strongest packs we have ever made.

Check out the audio demo to hear how epic this pack can sound.

I bought these persets, but ANA 2 can’t see them.

Hi there @Lukas_F

Those Presets are for ANA v1.5 ( the previous version before ANA 2 ), they won’t work with ANA 2 unfortunately.

ANA 2 is a complete different synth, it was written from the ground up therefore ANA v1.5 & ANA 2 Presets aren’t compatible, ANA 2 Presets packs are here : Sonic Sounds | All Products

Suggest you to ask for a refund using the following mail or maybe a way to exchange the pack. There’s a Vol.3 Tech House Presets Pack for ANA 2 as well but it’s a bit more pricey. Anyway, reach customer support via mail on Monday, they will sort it out with you.

Ok, my mistake. Thanks for the quick reply.

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No worries, you’re welcome :wink:

Get in touch with support and they will arrange a solution, I’m tagging them here as well but get in touch via mail.

Hope that helps !

→ FYI @chris_agnelli