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ANA Presets Vol. 1

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Sonic Academy ANA 1.5 Preset pack volume 1 uses all the new features of ANA to create over 200 new presets.
This bank focus on the Epic side of things with massive leads, rich analog basses, dub step and complextro noises and many more big room sounds. a perfect addition to expand ANAs potential.

Downloaded this but the file is empty. Having a torrid time trying to use it on Logic Pro 9. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!!


Sounds like the download maybe did’nt complete? You should get a zip - extracted, it will contain the PKG installer.

If you are on a PC try


Yeah I got the PKG Installer. Once installed it just says ‘installation complete’ and then nothing else happens. Any ideas?


that is it installed then,

You access the presets from the “BANK” section in ANA.

I use Logic Pro 9 on a Mac.

Is it not possible to use these presets here or do I need to buy ANA?

This is “ANA Presets Volume 1”
It is a preset pack specifically for the ANA synthesiser.

You can grab a demo at ANA 2 | Award Winning Synthesizer

I see. I downloaded the demo yesterday and clicked install, but again it just doesn’t seem to be anywhere. It’s probably something really simple that I’m maybe missing. I just seem to be going round in circles.

People going on about do you need to own ANA…the clue is in the title,ANA Presets

Is there a way to upgrade your 1.5 Ana Presets to Ana 2? Looking to do that as I’ve bought a few Preset packs.

Thanks, Marc


Hey there Marc,

Unfortunately no, it’s not possible to convert ANA 1.5 presets to ANA 2, the reason for this is that ANA 2 was designed from the ground up, so it’s a totally different synth even if it retains the core concept of ANA 1.5, but the presets & presets browser use a different format in ANA 2 so therefore it’s not possible to make them work between the 2 synths. Same thing goes the other way, you can’t convert or use ANA 2 presets with ANA 1.5, so you have to make sure that you purchase the right presets packs matching your version of ANA.