ANA Presets Vol. 7 - Synthwave / 45

ANA Presets Vol. 7 - Synthwave

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Sonic Academy presents ANA Preset Pack Vol 7 - Synthwave.

140 all new and authentic presets ready to use in your productions. Meticulously reversed engineered from classic synths and sound banks, this bank will show ANA in very different light.

From classic Juno pads, to Korg Poly Six baselines, to Deep and dirty MS-20 subs and wave station bells, this pack has you covered. Check out the mighty audio demo to truly hear what this pack can do!


I’ve paid for this and followed the the instructions but cant fine it within my Ana synth. Am I doing something wrong. I don’t use ableton very often but thought I’d treat myself to this pack as I really liked the sounds. Any suggestions?


Hi Andy

this pack is for our ANA soft synth. You can find out more about it here

Hi Bryan,

Yes, that’s the synth I have but I still can’t locate it. Any other suggestions?


All sorted now. The problem was that the instructions said to search in category but they were in the Bank section. Cheers anyway.

ah ok! great :slight_smile:

I purchase this preset pack, i need to know if is possible you give the midi for audio samples ???

Hi @neodeavid Sadly the midi from the audio demos isn’t included with this preset pack.


So Amazing !

I got this 4 days ago and when I extract all the files the PC Installer folder is empty but the MAC folder has all of the presets. Is there something missing in the download?

It’s all good as my antivirus kept deleting it as it found it was a risk.

Amazing !

Those presets are amazing. So inspiring and perfecly crafted. You’ve got the perfect synthwave tool box. Thanks a lot for that.

Hey the presets wont load for me, I have tried to put them into the generators file.

do these work on ana 2 ?

@AtSevenAM sorry for delayed reply, no ANA presets are not compatible with ANA 2 synths, both synths will work fine together within your DAW but presets are respective to each version.