ANA Question?

Im using Ableton when I am using ANA and I program Something in on other Synths like sylenth 1 I can use cmd Z to undo the bit I just program on the synth, for example I am making a lead sound I had chords and wanted to use the top notes so I highlighted all the notes apart from the top notes and right click and deactivated the bottom notes of the chords (So I could just use the top notes to program a lead with ANA). When I make changes on ANA and click CMD Z it reactivates the chords I just deactivated? Is there any way that you can implement this into ANA or am I doing something wrong?


Im also having problems with automation lanes in Ableton? Also when I have ANA open in the daw and adjust any thing in ANA (while its still open I cant click space bar on my mac to stop or play my project while ANA is open I have to minimise it then press play?? Sorry for being a pain but I am trying to learn this Synth. I don’t know if im doing somthing wrong or its just the way the synth works?



ANA does not have an Undo functionality unfortunately

re: the spacebar issue - this is a problem with either the vst or the au… i can’t remember which one but try the other one :slight_smile:

Sweet cheers Bryan