Ana still not working in Logic pro X but ok in live 8

Please can someone help…? I’m running logic prox and ableton live 8 on a mac running Ver10.9.5 2.4Ghz intel core 2 Duo with 4gb ram. Ive paid for and installed Ana on live but Logic gives me this error message when loading…'the audio unit ANA reports that it is not properly authorised to be used on this system. Please check the plug ins documentation for more info about its copy protection.'br
Any thoughts anyone?br
Thanks in
Nick Searle.

there can be problems if your main drive is called something other than Macintosh Hd. br
Have you changed it?

Hi there… Yes I’ve just renamed my hard drive Macintosh Hd and tried to re install Ana 64 bit and I still cant find it in my au instrument folder in logic pro
Im flummoxed. I just don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Ana works fine in live 8.

If you run the audio unit validation tool in Logic and see if it has any errors or info and post a screen shot