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I am having problems accessing the ANA interface. After I extract all the files and press the ana logo to get he interface up and running it just does another setup. I must be doing something wrong, please advice.

Hi there and sorry for the delayed reply over the weekend.

I just replied to your email at support regarding this and it seems to be a file writing permission issue on Windows.

1 - Make sure that your ANA 2 download is not corrupted, 1st advice is to redownload the installer.

2 - After the download, extract the archive on your Desktop and Right Click the .exe installer file and choose to run the installer with Administrator Privilege .

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Thank you, the problem with the interface is solved. Another thing I am struggling with is uploading presets and soundbanks into ANA, after some yt surfing it seems I need to drag the samples folder (in this case the ESW roses sample pack) into a ANA subfolder, this is a bit confusing to me, any help with this would save me lots of time and much appreciated…

Struggling to import soundbanks and sample packs into the ANA 2, any help would be much appreciated

Have you checked out the tutorials?

Happy to read that this is now sorted on your end ! :+1:

So there’s 2 different things here : Presets + Audio Samples

Presets : The Echo Sound Works “Roses” bundle you mentioned is a 3rd party product.

All Sonic Academy Presets expansion packs do come with an installer for both Mac & PC and you just need to run this to install the files inside ANA 2 sub-folders.

If a 3rd party ANA 2 Presets Pack does not include any installer, then you should ask the manufacturer for written instruction explaining how to install their files.

On a PC, Presets files themselves ( .SndPr files ) are installed into :

C:/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/Presets/Sound Presets/DLC

The ProgramData folder might be hidden by default on Windows, you’ll need to Reveal Hidden Files & Folders

.SndPr files are just ANA 2 settings files but some presets might require additional wave tables or audio samples that are getting installed in different sub-folders.

That’s why you should ask written installation to 3rd party manufacturer if they don’t provide an installer.

Regarding Audio Samples : You can use audio samples with any of the 3 Sampler Oscillators 4,5 & 6 inside ANA 2. Either in single mode ( so 1 sample per Oscillator ) to add texture, noise or any other audio sample and use it as a layer in conjunction with the main synthesis Oscillators ) or in Multi-sampling Mode to create your own instruments, drums kits…etc.

That said, the Multi-Sampling mode is not designed to import an entire sample pack, there’s a limit of the number of samples you can drag & drop or import and the goal is to import chosen samples to create your own sounds, instruments or kits.

Like Phil mentioned, best is to go through some videos tutorials about ANA 2 and check the ANA 2.5 Walkthrough course with Nate to get a chance to see examples.

Support also replied to your email and sent you other links to videos courses about ANA 2 and sound design tips.

Hope this helps !

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Thank you for an detailed and informative answer, this helps a lot and for the email as well.

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