ANA Synth Out NOW!

Get it HERE!

Hats off to you, Phil, Bryan, and the gang! ANA is terrific! It’s powerful, flexible, and seemingly solid as a rock. And most of all, it sounds great. You could have charged a lot more money for this. Thanks for such a great contribution to electronica and music in general. Definitely the best deal out there! Sylenth is dead; long live ANA!


Nice one! Glad you like it!

Amazing and an even more amazing deal! Buying my copy now. Great work guys!

a F*****G love it!!

so flexible and the sound design capabilities are endless!!

best £30 i’ve ever spent!!

my creativity has excelled!!

thanks Sonic :D:D:D

Loving Ana guys, great work! Best thing I’ve done 2012 is to subscribe to SA ! Only thing is ur goni have to do all those how to vids again with Ana and not sylenth lol.

we should hire some special fx guys to like replace all the sylenths with ANAs

Lol then u’d have to put the price of Ana up to cover costs! Mind u I’m ok I’ve allready got it ! Ha. Again top job guys!