ANA Synth Version 1.02 & Demo Released / 349

Version 1.02 of our very own ANA Synthesiser is now available for download.
Also included is a 2 week trial of the synth for those of you who haven't taken the plunge to try it out!

Head over to the synth page here to try it out

to get your hands on it simply browse to your my account page > downloads > synth and redownload the installer file.

If you haven't already purchased the synth then you will be given v1.02 upon buying it.

Changes are listed below



Version Update ANA 1.02

Fixes and Bugs


Separated GUI from DSP - Improves graphic performance on all systems .
Changed Registration Folder - should eliminate any users having registration problems.
Fixed LFO 2 Automation Mappings.
Fixed Crash with some 3rd party plugin libraries.
Fixed Midi CC all notes off… stops note hangs.
Fixed Issue with T-Racks, Rob Papen Conflicting library
Increased the performance on Windows 64-bit 


New Standard Waves



New Noise Waves

Crispy Noise
Cheap Choir


New Presets (38)

Bassic Crispy Mini
Blendive 1
Blendive 2
Blendive 3
Blendive 4
Blendive 5
Blendive 6
Blendive 7
Blender 1
Blender 2
Blender 3
Blender 4
Blender 5
Blender 6
Blender 7
Saw Strings 1
Saw Strings 2
Cheap Choir
Melo Pad 1
Melo Pad 2
Melo Pad 3
mmmm Liara
Phaser Shimmer Pad
Simple Shimmer Pad
Normandy Pad
Mass Relay Pad
Acid Dist Funk
Metal Drum
Pulse Pluck
Simple Pluck 6
Simple Pluck 7
Simple Pluck 8 
Simple Pluck 9
Mute Guitar
Shuttle Craft Fly By
Dutch Chords 2
Hot Right Now