ANA Trance Demo

Was making some patches for the wonderful ANA and put together a quick demo.

All sounds are 100% ANA (including drums) no processing EQing… just a limiter on the output.

Cant wait for you guys to get your hands on this… getting closer!!

Sonic Academy ANA - Trance Demo by Philterino

I’m not a trance fan but to be fair that sounds absolutely fantastic, as good as anything out there.

I’m really hoping you guys put some great deep house type presets in there as most synths seem to just focus on the harder styles and I’d love to be able to get a good bunch of deep sounds and see how they are done.

How long till ANA is going to be available?

big trance fan here!!! sounds great Phil!! yea… when’s it coming? count me in! :D:D

The engine is done and has some optomoisation… About 200 presets sorted… Just tidying up the user license stuff and a few bits of extra testing and it will be done.

Working on some tutorials too.

Will try to get another load of presets done this week while licensing is being sorted. All going well we should be ready to go in a couple of weeks.

I’m really loving it… Just sounds great and is mega versatile.

Does ANA offer any Oversampling options for high quality rendering or high quality playback?

All the Virtual Analog waves are all oversampled. The additional samples are all 32bit float.

We arnt aiming for the true component modeled analog like U-he stuff as CPU load was way too high to have 8 layer voices in each Osc.

The filters are very nice tho… Have a few different options. A basic 2 & 4 pole that uses less CPU and some modeled on a moog filter which sound amazing but use a tiny bit more CPU. There’s also a saturated one with really nice resonance for acid stuff.

sounds good Phil, can’t wait for the relese :slight_smile:

That sounds super clean Phil.

Yeah this is sounding pretty good. Really want to try it out. Loving the price and the advantage that there is probably going to be a bunch of info about it on this website.

Hey Phil! Congrads to you and everyone who worked on ANA. I’m loving it so far. Amazing analog warmth!! Great presets too.

I’ve noticed it sucks up a lot of CPU power sometimes though. That happening to anyone else?

The Vintage filtes are using more CPU than expected… Its fine for basses etc when you are only using one note and where that filter “twang” is key but on other sounds like pads etc. you would be better switching to the standard 2/4 Pole

I re-worked all the presets with V1.01 to use resources better. Installing V1.01 wont rewrite your current presets so as not to delete anything of your own presets. but you could back up any of your own patches delete the patch folder and re-install to get the updated ones.

On PC the presets are located in C Drive/Program Data/Sonic Academy/Presets/Factory

You will need to enable “view hidden files” to see the Program Data Folder

On Mac its Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Presets/Factory

Just be careful to back up any of your own presets… A good way is to just rename the presets folder Prestes2 or something. Just in case.

Makes sense. Sounds good.

ANA has been my new fav. Been using it a ton!