ANA update issue

I have dowloaded and installed the ANA update. Windows asks for destination folder and I route it to my 9D) drive where all other plugins are located. It says it has installed it, but it will not appear in my list of plugins. I can find it within the file browser inside ableton, and is listed as being in my plugins folder. Yet it will not appear in the plugins browser. I cant launch it tho to even install the licence key. the old ANA launches and
Do I need to uninstall the original ANA? Or what am I doing wrong?

are you using 32 or 64 bit? have you both versions installed?

64 bit host with windows seven. Just installed the 64 bit version (i think!) /PPOld ANA works fine and is (according to windows) in the same folder. Have tried rescanning plugins, and have also un and reinstalled the updated version…still nothing :frowning:

install the 32bit version too… even tho you are on windows 64 most daws still run in 32bit

Yep! Works fine now…Thanks Phil :slight_smile: