ANA2 - ARP Preset Change Possible?

Hallo. I am using Ableton Live Suite 11 with ANA2. How do I automate ARP preset change inside Live 11?
Is it even possible? My workaround is exporting/routing the midi notes into another track and then put this
clip with the ARP notes back to the ANA2 track with ARP disabled. But this is not the best solution.

Thank you.


Hey there @SA_GEM

If you’re talking about automating a full preset change (switching from one ARP Preset to another), then it’s not possible because ANA 2 doesn’t send Midi CC for Preset Change I believe.

Now if you’d like to have control on the ARP settings for one preset, a quick way to have all parameters mapped inside Live is by doing the following :

  • Launch a new instance of ANA 2 on a Midi Track.
  • In the device slot, click on the left side Triangle icon for ANA 2 device (that will expand the automation slot)
  • Then click on “Configure” so that it turns green
  • Inside ANA 2 GUI, turn ARP on and just switch from one ARP Preset to another, the settings should appears all at once mapped inside Live device slot.
  • Click again on “Configure” to disable Midi learning and collapse this area by clicking on the triangle icon again.

But again, that’s about automating ARP parameters, not ARP Preset Change.