ANA2 automation falls back to default in Ableton Live


Every time after loading Live Set I have to remember to hit that Re-Enable Automation Button because all of the ANA2’s automation data fall back to default state every time. Has anyone experienced this?
I have to make a clear note there that this happens with ANA2 vst only.

Thanks for pointing this out but please provide more details when ever you’re reporting an issue.

A bug is identified once it’s possible to replicate the issue and it can be different whether you’re on a PC or on a MAC, the plugin instance you’re using ( VST2, VST3…etc ), the version of Live you’re using…

Thank you for letting us know the followings :

  • Operating System Name + Version ( If on a Mac is it an Intel or M1/M2 model ? )

  • What plugin format are you using ( VST 2 - VST 3 - AU … ) and is this only happening with a specific format or all of them ?

  • What version of Live are you using ?

  • Obviously, the ANA 2 version you’re using, but we know it’s v2.5.2 from other posts.

This really helps for testing and trying to replicate an issue. From there we can then report further to the developers.

Cheers :wink:

It replicates on any project whenever I load it.

__________ OS __________
Windows 11 Home
Version 22H2
OS build 22621.2283
Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22662.1000.0

__________ VST __________
Replicates on both VST2 and VST3
ANA2 v2.5.2

__________ DAW __________
Ableton Live 11.3.1

Hope that helps. Thanks.

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