ANA2 CMD->ARP weird behaviour

Am I the only one experiencing weird behaviour from those 2 guys?

Lets say i have an ARP (whatever pattern) and the CMD in Multi mode.
I load a little midi snippet in the daw, containing chords.

I put the CMD in learn mode and play the pattern once.
ANA2 's CMD learns correctly the chords.
Those chords are ranging from 4 to 5 notes each.

Playing the chords with CMD is fine. Saving too.

If I enable the ARP the weirdness starts.
Let’s say i load up the “trance 01” ARP preset.
I press the assigned (in CMD) keys for playing and … silence.
UNLESS i transpose up by 1 semitone the chords registered in the first key of the CMD.
Doing so, sometimes some note is played back. Sometime.
Changing assigned (CMD) key doesn’t change anything.

As CMD, chords are correcly assigned and played by ANA2/CMD. The problems start only when i enable the ARP.

Of course, all the ARP presets play correcly.


BTW, if i disable CMD (and leave ARP on) and then play the midifile from wich the chords have been learned, ANA2 plays it the way it’s supposed to.

ANA 2.0.3, latest Ableton Live 9 release.

Please disregard, my very lame error.

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