ANA2 - consequences (?) of unsubscribing to Slate Digital Everything Bundle


I have been thinking about ending my slate subscription (nothing against them, they’re great, just have too many plugins and recently have been moving out of the subscription model of buying plugins more as a personal financial decision.

So planning to just buy a few plugins that I really love and find myself using all the time, and unsubscribing the plan - that way even though I’d miss some of their great plugins, I know I have other companies’ offerings that are just as great, and I am committed to learning them more intentionally rather than having so many options and not really learning any of them too well.

ANA2 is indeed in the list of plugins that I love ussing, would really miss it if I unsub’ed.
I noticed it is now on sale and think it might just be a good time for me to think about buying so I can unsub before my next pay cycle.

If I do unsub and just purchase the plugin alone, does that mean I will no longer be able to use/have access to the presets that slate digital offers in their bundle?

Thank you ahead of time.

Yes, you will no longer have access to the Slate Digital ANA 2 “Ultra Bundle” presets & skins if you decide to cancel your “All Access pass” subscription. The permanent license and version from Sonic Academy includes the factory library presets and 2 skins, activation is done via license Key file ( on up to 3 computers you own ) and not iLOK. Those are the differences between the 2 versions.

Hope this helps answering your question.

Cheers :sunglasses: