ANA2 Cutoff goes to 20 Hz every time I stop playback in Ableton

Exact same issue as another user has in Cakewalk: whenever I stop playing a MIDI pattern in Ableton, the main cutoff filter frequency goes back to 20 Hz in ANA2. I recreated the pattern, does not matter.
I cleared many times but this does not solve the issue.

Clearing does not do the trick but when you right-click the first suggestion is ‘remove cc 123’. After doing that, the cutoff frequency is preserved after stopping playback!

Hi there @slnouwens

What’s happening here is that you probably have the keyboard Space-bar Midi assigned to Osc 1 Filer Cutoff, it’s pretty easy to assign almost anything in ANA 2 by right clicking on a Knob / Slider :wink:

  1. Right Click on OSC 1 Filter Cutoff
  2. Check if you have a Midi CC value on top
  3. If yes, REMOVE it by clicking on the " Remove CC:xx " slot.
  4. Done !