ANA2 Demo - Midi controller does not work

I have just downloaded a ANA2 demo.
I had intsalled the x64 VST plugin.

Now only the Software Keyboard of ANA does work.
ANA2 does no react to my AKAI mpk mini controller.

The Controller does work with other VST instruments without any problems.

I use Cubase 10.5 Pro on Win 10.

Any Idea?

Fixed by me.
Strange: After some tests also my other plugins doesn’t work anymore.
Then I unplugged and replugged my midi controller and everything works fine.
Don’t ask me what was the problem.
It was the first time that this was happened an right after install of ANA2.

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Hey there @neoryx

Sorry for late reply, good to read that it’s now working. TBH this is the kind of issue that you’ll never really know what it was in the end. Computers spooky things just happens sometime: unplug, re-plug, reboot, restart and bingo, working again and no explanation :wink:

Enjoy the demo of ANA 2, be sure to check the tutorial videos to learn more about it.

Cheers !