ANA2 demo noise

I bought ANA2 9 months ago…all of the sudden today all songs that use it have the periodic demo jet sound in them. Support is not responding. Has this happened to anyone else?

Hey @cartpros

You shouldn’t get that noise if ANA2 is properly licensed. Have you tried to re-download a “fresh” version of ANA2 Plugin as well as your license key from your account ? It could be that files gets corrupted, those things happens.

If after a new download & installation you’re still having this issue, could you please provide the following for further troubleshooting :

  • Operating System ( Mac OS or WIN ) + version
  • DAW you’re using + version

Lately we’e seen some issue with Live 10 that were fixed by latest Ableton Live 10.0.3 release, so if using Live 10, be sure to update to the latest version.

Thanks to report back if new download & install don’t fix the problem.

Hey @cartpros

Have you been able to solve this issue ?