Ana2 dont open presets

hello ! ana2 does not open a preset when transferring a project to another computer

What version of ANA 2 are you using?

Ana 2.0.8

Hi there @virbul

You’re using an outdated version of ANA 2 here.

Please sign in to your account and download and install the latest version v2.0.99 or the beta v2.0.993b

My Account / My Download / Plugins ( sign in required )

When transferring projects from one computer to another, it’s important that you run the same version of the plugin + the same DAW version on both machines to avoid those issues.

If you’re still having problems after updating your ANA 2 version, please manually uninstall, reboot and then make a clean install again.

You will need to Backup any User Presets you have before proceeding with a clean install !!!

They will be deleted during the manual uninstall.

You will find the guide for a manual uninstall here : Manually Uninstall ANA 2

Then let us know :wink:

Cheers !