Ana2 G-env

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It would be cool if the G-enveloppe would have step boxes, just like the arpeggiator.
It would be the same as a wavetable LFO!
Think about that! Endless modulation possibillities!

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Like this ??

No, that’s just a regular G-enveloppe.
I mean: if you would repeat this G-env screen 4 times each time wit a different shape. Look at the step boxes int the ARP secton, & you’ll see what I mean.

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That’s what’s already done with G-ENV 1 - G-ENV 2 and G-ENV 3

So what you mean is more something like a choice for Envelope A, B,C,D for each G-ENV 1, 2 and 3.

Start to make a lot of option TBH and complicating things, not sure it will fit the UI ( it’s important to keep that space for editing/drawing envelopes IMO ) and not sure it’s really gonna be used. Personally I would prefer to get an extra G-Env 4 or more but not embedded envelopes within each one.

All of that said, I have absolutely no idea if there’s limitation in terms of adding more modulation options into the plugin ( coding and developing wise speaking ).

Yes, but with that it’s not possible to change the modulation over time.
What I mean is something like the lfo tables on Phaseplant.

Yeah, so from what I could read about KiloHearths Phaseplant, they are using Wavetables as LFO modulation sources which allows to cycle through 256 LFO shapes in one modulator.

Interesting feature for sure, but that’s a very different approach I believe.

No clue if this is something that could be implemented into ANA 2 tbh.

For info S.A team → @phil_johnston