ANA2 - Hollyood - NEW SKIN -can I get some support from the big ones?

Hello people!!! I developed a new SKIN theme for ANA2 could I possibly get support from Sonic Academy and Slate Digital? It doesn’t hurt to ask !!! What did you think of SKIN.

Thanks for putting some time & efforts into ANA 2 skin design & sharing the results here first of all.

Now comes a question : What’s the intention here ? Would you like to get support for skin design or is it a request to S.A & S.D to incorporate/market your skin ?

Anything Slate should go to them, S.A is developing the synth but it’s up to S.D if they want to include new presets & skins in the release available via their “All Access Pass”. They already did this with their “Vintage Analog” skin.

For S.A → We can ask S.A team & @phil_johnston but again it would help to know what’s your goal with this skin, users have been making some free skins and uploaded them for others here on the forums so far, that’s more the spirit IMO.

Nice work for the main background, buttons & knobs as well as the led’s color. Though the color scheme with the grey/used metal & green works for me, I’m not a big fan of those thick green borders around many areas. It’s nice looking as a theme since it’s mimicking some electronic gears screens, but visually & for a daily use and doing sound design with ANA 2, I won’t be using this kind of skin TBH. That said it’s just my personal point of view, it’s a nice skin but to me it’s more a fancy theme than a daily practical & visual one, but I agree that some people like this kind of themes too when it comes to soft-synths looks.

Hello! Thanks for commenting on “Tekalight” you ask very important and relevant questions here and I thank you for your point of view and personal taste! But when you ask me with regard to what purpose on my part in presenting my work, I can say that every artist of any kind seeks to make his art reach as many people as possible and that also refers to the recognition of his work. And also when sharing something, the artist goes through very different criteria of analysis and opinions and that is part and also and the opinions serve to direct him to a certain path of art. I always support the distribution of art for free and free of charge and this is very altruistic, but taking into account when he himself has the possibility to create something unique and that meets his expectations as a customer of a product like ANA2 and himself share your work, your time and learning this has to be taken into account don’t you think? Now it’s up to whoever really wants to use it is up to everyone! Success!

Yes, I totally understand that from any artist & the learning + work involved perspective, no worries :wink:

I think you have 2 options then, either 1 : getting directly in touch with S.A & S.D to see if your work can be of some interest for them or 2 : selling the skin via your own web site and then just ask about the brand & logo usage like you already mentioned in the Facebook Discussion group, S.D also has a FB private group here BTW

Thank you Takelight as always you are very kind and interested in helping in some way and this is very valuable to me! Thank you so! You just gave me very interesting ideas that will help me take a next step and for that you have my gratitude and my appreciation! And if I can help you with anything I will be available! Thanks!

Great work here. I love the look. Is this available to download?

Hello Thanks for commenting !! It is not yet, in the final stages soon news! Maybe you can download another skin for ANA2 that I just made available free download here on the forum! I hope you enjoy!

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“Moderator” OK! Very good to know. I did not know it. Will help thank you very much