ANA2 License problem after uninstalling Slate Ultra Bundle

As you might know for Black Friday Slate Digital was offering a one month free use of their subscription so I tought I’d give it a try.

Downloaded and installed their ultra bundle of ANA2 it immediately took away my Sonic Academy license for it but I didn’t give it much attention… after trying it out for a little bit I decided I was not interested in the sub so I uninstalled the ultra bundle… and ofc ANA" completly stopped working on the “normal” version.

So I uninstalled the plugin itself and started over with a fresh install with the file downloaded from SA and the plugin now works… only issue is the license part is blank and I seem to have no way of adding my license to it.

UPDATE: after uninstalling and re-installing it around 10 times it finally prompted the window asking for the license.

Still… it was an interesting bug so I’ll just leave the message here as a report in case anyone wants to look into it.

Hello, I purchased ANA2 last year, today I installed slate digital software update of ANA2 bundle from Slate Digital, It updated my plugin successfully but when I want to open it in FL Studio it does not bring up activation massage! instead it says you don’t have a license. any idea on how is it possible to give the plugin its license?
Thank You

Hi there @Ali_TN999

So yes, the Slate Digital version of ANA 2 uses iLOK for activation, so you are presented with the iLOK requirement message dialog here, which is normal after installing their version.

Do you have a Slate Digital “All Access Pass” subscription with them ? This is require to use the SD version and if you do then all iLOK issues have to go through SD support, we can’t hep with this.

Slate Digital Support page

If you don’t have an active SD “All Access Pass” sub, then download ANA 2 from your Sonic Academy account and run the installer, you’ll be back to our version and activation via License Key file.

There’s no bug at all here, what happen is that you probably missed to uninstall one plugin file after running the Slate Digital version. If you followed the Manual uninstall guide on our help page, the info to remove the VST 3 plugin is missing there.

The screenshot you uploaded shows what you will see when running an instance of ANA 2 from the Slate Digital version since their version is using iLOK, the licensee username won’t be displayed with the SD version.

If our version of ANA 2 was already activated with your license key file before installing the SD version, then simply running our installer on top of your SD install will get ANA 2 authorized again, only performing a manual uninstall would delete your License Key file.

First of all THank you for answering :slight_smile:

Second… the “slate ultra bundle” writing vanished tho, as did all presets skins etc etc… so only the license thing remains? ^^‘’

Also: the first thing I tried was installing a SA version OVER the slate but it did not work for some reason. So I uninstalled the Slate and re-installed from the SA installer and it got rid of everything but would not prompt for the license ^^‘’

Question is how did you uninstall the SD version ?

Did you use the uninstaller in ProgramData ? → Uninstall ANA 2 64 Bit.exe

In a nut-shell :

The first time you activate the Sonic Academy version with your License Key file, your license is installed under

C:Users/Your_Username/AppData/Roaming/Sonic Academy/ANA 2

Unless the manual uninstall was done or the uninstaller delete this, it will stay in there, therefore running the SA installer on top of your SD installation should be the only thing to do, ANA 2 won’t prompt you for activation again, but if the License was deleted from this path then yes, ANA 2 will show up as unregistered and prompt you for activation.