ANA2 - Modwheel animation

Hi! I’m Alejandro, user of ANA2 since few days ago. Awesome synth so far, but using it I’ve found a “bug”. Don’t know if it’s happening only to me or anyone else.

When I move the modwheel of my MIDI keyboard, the modwheel in ANA2 pass from the bottom to the top instantly, no smooth and realistic animation as the pitch bend wheel has.



Hi Alejandro,
In my DAW with Windows7 it happens the same, modwheel changed in a snap, while in pitch bend wheel can be seen smooth and realistic movement.
Perhaps is a “bug” like you said.

I guess @phil_johnston would be the man to better answer this one, if you guys have already joined the new S.A Face Book Discussion Group, you could ask/share this there too BTW

This also happens to me on the Arturia Keystep. Thankfully I rarely use the modwheel and just use automations.

Hey @Muzikfreq

Yep, I have the exact same issue with a Novation Impulse 49 here, behaving the same way as described by the 2 other users.

Is this perhaps something known or under the radar @phil_johnston or is there a normal explanation for this behavior ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah must be a bug… will add it to the list! Thanks

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