ANA2 Post Effect

Hello there,

I have a question. Is it possible to switch main filters into post mode / above all mode, or is it possible to switch effects into pre mode? Something like AFL / PFL switch?

I’m having a trouble with one thing. For example I created a lead or a bass using the clip distortion or the tube drive.
I like the sound and I want it to behave like a raw waveform when it comes to filtering.

I want to use LP filter ( i.e. Roly or LP12 ) with envelope to create plucks or stabs but tails are unnecessary saturated.
So is it possible to switch the filters post or the FX section pre?

If there isn’t any way that would be my feature request.


@phil_johnston This one is for a ANA 2 synth Guru I think :wink:

There is currently no way to switch the routing order of fx vs filters.

What we do have is a distortion filter type. You can have this on filter 1 and combined with the drive control you can get quite a bit of gain.

Then you can go into filter 2 after that

Thanks for a quick reply. Yeah I do like a lot this filter. It reminds me the Scream filter from Massive or at least I can make similar stuff with that one.

Allrighty, I thought this ain’t possible. But maybe that’s a nice idea for the future dev :wink:

Have a great week!