ANA2 Skins

I recently purchased ANA2 plugin after trying others similar plugins and I love it!
The idea behind the chord to attach on each key, is genius.
The sound quality is pure joy!
So many good things and only 2 skins, that I started to try how change it and making different ones.
I have now a couple of skins made (different colors and textures).

How can I upload the files to Sonic Academic?
The idea is to make them available for others.

Best regards,

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Hey @J_Caldeira

There’s a feature on the forums monitoring a “trust level” rank in order to preserve from spam & so on for the good of everyone, therefore “new users” are not allowed to upload files by default.

If you spend sometimes browsing the forums, reading topics, replying …etc , you will earn “badges” and your “trust level” rank will raise. You need at least to reach “user level 1, basic” in order to post links & unlock some upload features.

Sorry for the inconvenient but you have to understand that this is for the good of everyone on the forums.

Hey @J_Caldeira

Saw you’ve been granted trust level 1 “Basic user” by S.A staff, so you should be able to post links & pictures.

Thanks Tekalight for your attention and give me input about this.
I will start to post snapshots of skin images links.
Best regards,

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You’re welcome, thanks goes to Bryan from S.A who changed your trust level, I was just keeping an eye on it and took the time to inform you :wink:

Looking forward to see your skins then, it’s nice from you to share your work.

Cheers !

Here you go!
For this start I’m sending two skins.

This is based on black original skin but slightly different with knobs more distinct and a soft black color.

This is more a sunshine approach with Filter Mix knobs with yellow mark.

Just unzip the ZIP package into ANA 2 GUI folder, those skins are self contained into a folder, you will then have a new skin folder ( i.e ‘Soft Blue Black’ or 'Sunshine Yellow ) next to the additional ‘Black’ one.

After adding the new skins, just open an instance of ANA 2 and click the “wheel” icon above ‘Menu’ to access settings and use the ‘SKIN SELECT’ drop down menu to see & load your new custom skin.

WINDOWS Users : C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\ANA 2\GUI folder.
MACOS Users : yourmacosHDD/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/GUI folder.

Best regards,


might be worth dropping an image of both as well :thumbsup:

Just to let you know that I’m working on a new skin :ok_hand:, similar to a “real” electronic equipment.

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Hello Sonic Academic,
I’m trying to create a different new skin, but I need to change the color of the wave table and waveform of the sampler.
I noticed that in the layout.xml file, I could only find the color parameter of some text knobs and coordinates parameters.
I need to know please, how and if it is possible to change the white color to other of the
wavetable osc, the wave sampler and text within the frames created
by the plugin it self?
Could you please send the parameters to insert in layout.xml to achieve this?
Best regards,
J Caldeira

Hi again,
I´m posting snapshot of my new GUI/Skin for ANA2.
This has given me some work, but is almost finished, the only thing missing is finding a name for it.
Any suggestions for names?



Hi @J_Caldeira

Congrats ! Really brilliant work, love very much the kind of brushed grey metal background and the knobs + circle indicators around them :heart_eyes:. Not too found of the blue background areas and the very dark black background in the effects area, but I have to try it by myself since screen shots colors could sometime be a bit tricky for colors appreciation. But the filter area background looks a bit more like a dark-blue color at first sight ( not sure ) and I tent to prefer that one ( just my 2cents first impression here, but again brilliant work ! ).

As for the name, nothing much creative but what jumped out off my mind were names like ANA-LOG GREY, ANA-LOG METAL… You get the picture :wink:

So I encourage Sonic Academy members & subscribers to get involved into finding a cool name for this very great Skin ! Just reply to Jorge previous comment and feed him with your best inspirational names !!

No one with a cool name yet ?? :hushed:

I thought it was a nice & fun idea from Jorge to ask for some inputs,
so give him a shout with your best found :wink:

Thanks Stéphane for all your input and good review’s about first impression on my latest ANA2 GUI skin.
Beside you, no feedback received about in helping with name’s, I will upload this skin, because I want to share with people like you.
Appreciate your support.
What do think about “old school style” ?

Hi Jorge,

Yes, I was also expecting more replies about the naming :cry:

“Old School Style” is also a good one, it’s your own work man, so if no one came with a fancy name that please you, just choose the one you like most :wink:

Upload when you think it’s ready then.

Cheers !

I did a bit of work on the Aluminium look… currently only got a retina version done but ill work on the non retina and try to get it uploaded tomorrow so you have some new elements to play with.


Hi Phil,

Very cool :sunglasses: It looks really great and this is gonna be very handy for those who want to custom/design their own ANA2 Skins.

Thanks for the update and congrats for the hard work again :wink:

Cheers !

Heres the finished version:

Happy to answer any questions about how i built it.

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Hi Phil,
Nice dropping a new skin for this such great vst plugin.
I’ve tested it and found problems in viewing with 75% and 100% zoom select.
I’ve uploaded snapshots.


@J_Caldeira @phil_johnston

Hi guys, yes I could confirm this behavior and it’s the skin itself because I tested it under different DAWs, 100% & 75% are not working. Maybe something to do with the Retina Version ??

Edit : What’s even more weird for the 100% is that it’s far more bigger than the 150% ratio size, it does not even fit onto my screen in height and I’m using a 27-inch (2560 x 1440). 150% is just fine.

ok cool i will do some testing

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