Ana2 slate, notes sounding continuously

I use ana2 in Reaper, and what happens is that the arpeggiator or CMD walls or even the piano notes are blocked and this makes the sound stay playing all the time, in several of the thanks where ana2 is even in several tracks at the same time, any ideas?

Hey there @Thelombies

Not clear to me what’s happening reading your description but first assumption here would be to check that the “Hold” setting in the arpeggiator is disable.

Hello, the hold option is disabled,
I send you a video so you can see the problem I have

Is this happening on every preset or just specific ones ?

It would be great if you could narrow it down to one instance of ANA 2 only and troubleshoot if it’s preset related or not. For example do you have the same problem when using the “Init preset” ?

If you find that it’s preset related, then could you please upload the preset here, I could test on my end but that won’t be using Reaper though.

Any insight @phil_johnston ? User is probably on v2.0.94 since it’s the Slate edition.

Hello the problem is only in Reaper, when using Logic this does not happen. And it is always when using more than one ANA Instrument at the same time.

Yeah it’s an issue with the note management… it’s fixed in the beta… we are testing the slate betas internally at the minute should be sorted soon.

It usually happens if mono is on and the note off of one note is too close to the note on of a different note.

Creating a gap between notes or switching mono off should sort it while you wait for the update.

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Hey there @Thelombies

Following up on this one, have you tried latest v2.0.98 to check if this version solves this issue ?

Thanks :wink: