ANA2 - Some Free Presets for everyone

From when I started music production everyone kept telling me that “I had to use presets”.

You don’t have to create your sounds every time you create a track… it takes a lot of time… also you’ll most certaintly do bad sounds… and well… I know, all those people were right.

…BUT I never cared… my way of thinking was that even if I was creating s*** at that moment… the experience and the craftmanship that I was creating for myself would have been worth it in the future.

Well I’m not a professional sound designer now of course… and perhaps my sounds are not “top notch yet”… but in order to test myself I decided to create a little preset pack with ANA2.

After creating it I tought: “well… why not giving it to everyone for free? You never know someone might find the sounds useful”.

So here it is xD

Perhaps the website’ll seem strange to you because it’s usually used for game assets and game releases… and well my project is mainly towards indie game development and there is no rule that presets can’t be published there… so here it is :slight_smile:

I hope you can get some use out of it :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing :wink:

I will also post about it on S.A Facebook discussion group, if you haven’t joined yet feel free to do, you can find the group here

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Sure feel free, I hope these can help out someone even tho ofc they’re not as good as protoculture’s or other SA instructors xD

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Thank you for sharing these. There are some cool sounds in there. If I can offer some critique. Be aware of your levels. These all seem to be consistent but are quite loud. they are all over 0db. I probably error on being too quiet with most of what I share with the public. So take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I like your philosophy as it relates to creating sounds. It will take you a long way.



We aim for -12 Lufs for most of our presets


100% sure you can offer criticism… every little bit of it helps me improve so it’s very welcome :slight_smile:

In my daw it did not clip but I do admit some sounds are pretty close to 0db so perhaps id using those as they overlap they can go above and clip… I did not think of that… I’ll adjust them all as soon as I can :slight_smile:

Also I’m glad you found them at least decent :smiley:

Also big thanks @phil_johnston for the suggestion. I’ll take the -12 lufs as the goal as I do the presets :slight_smile: