AnA2 - Still no Update for the bugged Samplers (no Looppoint recognition)

Phil Johnston, you promised a update for the sampler unit.

There was now a update, but nothing changed concerning the bugged loop-detection (neither cero-crossing nor loop point detection in wave-files). Without it, it is almost impossible to get clean looping without clicking or distortions.

Dune 3 is in this regard absolutely better and i really consider selling my licence and buying Dune 3. The only thing that stops me is the polyphonic arp (with midi through btw. which is great for controlling other vsts ) and the CMD.

Hey there @ClausWagner

From what I know this is something still under progress with other future features like multi-sampling. The recent updates were more about bringing compatibility with MacOS Big Sur and M1 platforms and reading the releases notes, the plugin have been ported to a new version of Juice to improve future development as well as expanding the plugin to VST3 format, so there’s a lot going on and still more enhancement like this one and new features coming up for ANA 2 :wink: