ANA2 - Unison 'Shape' Control

Hi all, I have a question regarding the unison ‘Shape’ control in ANA2.

Would anyone know the exact value to set the ‘Shape’ control (-100% to +100%) if I wanted to emulate the unison spread of the Virus Ti Hypersaw?

Unfortunately I don’t have a Virus Ti to run these tests myself!

Hey there @Remy_Davies

I do not own one either but there’s not really one Virus Ti “Hypersaw” sound, the principle of it is that by default it uses 9 simultaneous sawtooth per oscillator and de-tuning each of them and assigning Lfo’s, filters @ effects is what gives the Virus Ti it’s big sound, so it might be difficult to give you an “exact” value here.

Maybe this video could help to learn more about the Ti Hypersaw. :wink:

Hi Tekalight,

Yes I’m aware that other factors will come into play when trying to emulate the sound of the Virus Ti Hypersaw, however I am only interested in emulating the Unison Spread of the Virus Ti Hypersaw - which could be linear, logarithmic, or something inbetween… these different unison spread modes can drastically impact the overall sound of the detune.

This should be possible with the Shape control in ANA2, because ‘Spire’ by Reveal Sound has a similar control called “Density”. In the user manual for Spire they actually explain how to emulate the Hypersaw (see below):

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Hey again,

Yes, I can better picture what you’re trying to achieve, it makes sense in the way it’s done with Spire.

Have to call ANA 2 Guru @phil_johnston to the rescue I think :smile: I’m definitely not an expert in synthesis, let’s see if he can explain you if it’s possible to achieve this with the “shape” parameter.

So Phil, if you could jump in when you have time, thank you :wink:

Yeah the shape control in ANA 2 changes the tuning spread between each voice of the unison. I think the virus is just linear spread… Roland has some logarithmic nature to the tuning spread.

If you are trying to replicate the Virus hypersaw the important thing to match is that the virus OScs are mono. So you should set width to 0

This will instantly give you more density.

To replicate the stereo mode from Virus you need to use 2 OSCs set to width zero tuned slightly +- 5-10 cents from Each other. Then pan each pack hard left / right

There is a virus template I’m the factory folder that replicates the virus set up pretty well.


Thank you @Tekalight and @phil_johnston.

@phil_johnston - when tuning the 2 x OSC’s +/- 5-10% from each other - do you mean the FINE tune of the OSC, or do you mean the Detune % on each OSC?

Fine tune… this is just to make the difference between the 2 OSCs.

Thanks Phil.

I have another question…when the Shape control is dead centre (at 0.00%), does that provide perfect Linear spread?

And what is the spread when hard left at -100.00%, and hard right at 100.00%?

I’m guessing one extreme will give you an Exponential spread, and the other will give a Inverted spread?