Analyzing frequencies

Hey everyone, hopefully many people will chime in on this question, because I really think it is extremely relevant so here goes.

When you are making a track, do you put a meter to measure frequencies on each channel to make sure that that specific frequency on that track is fitting into your mix? If you do, do you do it at the end of the track or as you go along. Its just something that I just thought of as I was putting some things together.

Please chime in on this one… :discuss:

Hey howard i use dsp multi inspector for this job its not the best but it gives me a rough idea where a clash might be  then i just listen out for muddied up freqs

Bloody great app! Thanks

Are there any others like this, such a good idea.

check out scope it helps me out quite precise its free but if you like it buy it (ITS NOT WAREZ) its made by cool  people and is all done on faith that there are people who will buy if they buy theres no tria periodl or ne thing:w00t:

I think Roben was the one who put me onto doing this and since then I haven’t looked back. It really helped working out what was wrong with some clasing sounds on a track I was working on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still shockingly poor at analyzing frequencies though. It annoys the fish out of me watching Phil in a video say “and now we tweak this EQ here and hey presto the sound is better” and I’m sitting at my computer wondering how the hell magic ears Johnston just knows how to do that with very little heartache! :slight_smile: