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ANAversary - House

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Sonic Academy is proud to present over 50 expertly crafted House presets.

As part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of ANA 2, this massive House pack draws inspiration from some of the most influential house artists of our time, such as Jamie Jones, David Penn, Riva Starr, and Glasgow Underground. These presets have been meticulously crafted to help producers achieve the iconic sound of these legendary producers and labels in their productions.

The pack includes a diverse range of sounds, including groovy basslines, underground stabs, lush pads, and crispy pianos. Each preset will allow you to dial in the exact sound you want, ensuring that every element of the sound is perfectly balanced and optimized for maximum impact.

So if you’re ready to start your next house banger, grab your copy of this ANA 2 preset pack today and start creating music that will get the dancefloor moving. With 50 unique sounds at your disposal, you’ll have everything you need to create unique house tracks that stand out from the crowd.

Does anyone also have crashing Ableton using presets from this pack?

Are you using the latest version of ANA 2?

Yes my ANA says You have the latest Update
expienced it using the stabs section 5 times a crash

Ok, what OS and DAW + version number are you on

And can you give us your ANA version number and if you are on our or slate’s version

Just installed the pack and tested all Stabs presets in Live 11 with both Slate Digital v2.5.1 and S.A v2.5.2 and can’t reproduce a crash here.

Tested on MacOS 12.6.3 Monterey on Intel Mac and Live 11.3.3 here.

1 - Try to re-download and reinstall the Pack to ensure it’s not a Download/Installation issue.

2 - If reinstalling doesn’t solve your issue then please let us know more details and a step by step description of what you’re doing to get this Live crash so we could try to replicate the issue.

  • Operating System Name + Version Number. ( if on a Mac is it an Intel or M1/M2 Silicon model ) ?
  • Ableton Live Version Number ?
  • ANA 2 Version Number ( latest Slate Digital is v2.5.1s and latest Sonic Academy is v2.5.2 ) ?
  • What plugin format are you having this issue with : VST2, VST3, AU ?
  • What buffer size are you using in your Live settings ?
  • Step by step description of what you’re doing and causing the crash so we can try to replicate.

But again, 1st thing would be to try to re-download and reinstall the Pack if you haven’t tried this yet :wink:

Thanks for adding these staps
I will contact u by support if it doesnt work.
first gonna redownload en ad re install it
working on W10 Intelcore5 AbletonLive 11.1.3 Ana 2.5.2

keep in touch with you when tested

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Yes, if reinstalling from a new download doesn’t work, then shoot an email with the above details to

Fixed guys
Thanks reinstall ana did do the job

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Thanks for your update on this.

Happy to read that this is now sorted on your end :+1:

Hope you’ll enjoy these new Presets ! :wink: