Ancient Discoveries

History Channel.

Anyone ever see it?

Got a load on the Sky Box & just going through them. Really interesting show.

They basically investigate how ancient civilisations did things. Seen some really cool stuff.

One show on The Vikings in Iceland. They mined these crystals from the Volcanoes which allowed them to navigate in stormy seas. The Crystals had a unique property that splits light into 2 seperate dots. Move the crystal around: One stays stationary, while the other moves in a circle around it.

Another was how, in Spain -  the Romans used underground shafts filled with water to make mountains explode. They’d dig the tunnels… fill them with water & the pressure inside the rock would build up and then BOOM! Should have seen this area in Spain - little columns of mountain. Was worth cleaning up the mess to get the Gold from the rubble.

There was yet another one about the fortress at Constantinople in the 15th C. They had a huge cannon, and they bounced the balls over the water to put holes in the waterline of the ships - A la Dambusters. Pretty ****ing advanced.

Love History & the Doc Stations.

Three shows I’ve gotten into recently that you might like are:

Penn and Teller: Bull**** - wicked show about debunking myths (scientific stuff with a secular / atheist slant to it a lot of the time).

Bang goes the Theory - a new science show in the UK. A bit basic at times but quite fun.

The Universe - about 30 1 hour documentaries on random stuff in space

I’m off to download Ancient Discoveries, sounds right up my street

Oh… My Mate was telling me about the Universe one. Said it was “mindblowing” - His word. Hopefully that doesnt oversell it! LOL

Need to try & see that.

Btw… If ever you want to gas some invaders: Burn chicken feathers & Charcoal. Highest Ammonia Levels that the Fire Brigade have ever seen. Kills people via instant brain disease in 2mins :slight_smile:

Isnt the universe one in the science channel?

Another mad show on that I taped - Cocaine Submarines!!!

The Cartels are using ex-Russian Naval Designers to build these low profile “semi-submersibles”.

They’re making LOADS of them. Mad to watch. They construct dry docks in the mangroves… then when the tide comes in, eventually - they release the boards & pilot it out, over to mexico.

Should see it. They’ve got a proper little shipyard going. The subs are crude enough… but you can see the Russian influence on them. They look like little attack craft, with just a little windscreen jutting out over the waves. Low profile makes detection by radar impossible. They’ve got a car engine in them… and have the exhaust pointing down to the waves to kill the heat signature… so thats not an option.

They have a Coke Sub Graveyard, with all the captured Subs. Cost about $1m each I think. But they’re getting real advanced. Early ones were like an unmanned barrel with fins - latest ones have a crew of 3, air conditioning system and a “stealth” covering. You can really see the evolution.

They’re making proper ****ing underwater subs now too.


Watching Ross Kemp in the Amazon now… Really good show.

Like him as a bloke - Brave Guy. 

Admire the way he actually sh!ts himself on camera. He never tries to look cool or hard.

all i ****en have on the Discovery channel is re runs of MythBusters :frowning:

Think yourself lucky all I have is Yesterday :frowning:

But it is fasinating how our ancestors tackled problems

Oh ICN your a geek :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe :slight_smile:  - But when I take of my glasses I’m Superman!

When I take my glasses off I walk into things


When I take my glasses off things walk into me

I found an ancient crusty sock under my bed…

[quote]gofunk (25/11/2010)[hr]I found an ancient crusty sock under my bed…[/quote]

An ancient burial site where lay to rest many spe… er, souls.

Used to love this Guy as a Kid.

Mr. Magoo

I could drink Hot Sauce like wine, no problem.

Fookin love the stuff.

Tastes nicer in the Nip :slight_smile:

I seen the Cocaine Subs Documentry a while back too, was pretty cool. Thought it was a bit of a mis-rep though, hardly a sub if the whole thing doesn’t go completly under the water lol.

Thats why I had to watch it… I couldnt “fathom” how they would be able to make a proper sub - diving etc… in the Jungle.

Sounded intriguing.

Only a matter of time before they have torpedo tubes & missiles.

3 words, Pipe and slippers!

It’ll be one word when it gets to that stage.

Begins with S. Sounds like Uicide :w00t: