Angry Techno Kid

As we all know Techno, lives and breathes in Germany. Unfortunately not everyone is cut out to produce Techno and sometimes they can get a little angry…

Admit it Jan that is you when you heard SA were thinking of doing a techno tut :smiley:

Ive gota something golden for you techno people. Anytime anyone says anything about techno or ask questions just respond ’ You wouldnt understand… Its a techno thing…'.

That kid needs to be on meds.  Techno will do it to ya.  :D:hehe:

This video is ancient and the kid is pissed about the fact that his Unreal Tournament won’t start. Nothing to do with music, but still funny just the same.

aw no you ruined it!

[quote]jjdejong0 (05/12/2011)[hr]aw no you ruined it![/quote]

Jan you do realise that your eminem quote is incorrect?

Mussi, do you realise that I,

Dont care.

[quote]jjdejong0 (05/12/2011)[hr]Mussi, do you realise that I,

Dont care.[/quote]

I think you do care really;)