Anjunabeats/A&B trance type melody needed

Hi All

I’ve been working on this new track however i am looking for a really catchy lead but i appear to have hit a wall - so i am asking for your help

i have put the link below - please contact me on if you are interested or soundcloud on the below like

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

i look forward to hearing from you soon

thanks, Jason

hey jason, im sorry i cant be any help but i just wanted to tell ya i really dig your track after listening to it, and if someone can help you with a good melody it will be even better :). Good luck mate!

hay - thanks for listening

please you like it

will post when finished - still looking a a good melody. follow me on soundcloud for the updated version

Try this… (file attached)

hay man

thanks for the melody - see what you think

need to play around with it a little more. work on the build and drop ect. try some other voices

see what you think

Sounds good to me!

i like my melodies sounding a bit pluckier but thats probably just because i was mad for PVD - Foreign Angel

who wasn’t! probably the first trance 12" i bought back in the day! will update you one the full track when done

cheers man!

Hey man, Off-topic but that Balearic Sunrise(Club Mix) is really good. Is the guitar riff a sample? It is really good. Ibiza vibe hehe.

cheers man! this was support to be signed to Armada but got dropped at the last minute by Zara taylor was gutted! :frowning:

the track has a mixture of samples and recorded instruments

thanks for listening though - please you like:)