Annoying CPU over loading technical difficulty

Im running the same Ableton project on 2 different mac’s.

The first is a Mac MINI 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB Ram and im getting 60% on the CPU load meter (NO CHOCKING!!)

The second is a Mac Book Pro 2.5GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB Ram and im getting 80/90% on the CPU load meter (CHOCKING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!)

This does not make sense, exactly the same project on both MACS and the weaker has no problems!!

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!

PS: I have even increased the buffer size from 512 to 1024 on the Book Pro with no success if that should make any difference .:ermm:

Are you using an external sound card on either?

Thank you for your reply wickedged.

Nothing on the MACmini (the weaker one) with 18.9ms output latency

and on the mac Book using MOTU 896HD (FireWire) with 12.3 ms.

I have even removed the sound card from the Book Pro and it still behaved in the same manner, and also with Roland V-SYNTH XT’s (USB) audio drive, so im guessing its not the sound card :crying:

Hmmmm…the latency and buffer size was going to be my next question. How about hard drives on each? Are they both the same drive speed? Plenty of empty space on both?

Might have something to do with this although I’m not sure if the same thing would apply to the mac mini tbh

few things to try…

  1. Go to energy saving and set Graphics to Higher Performance - the new MBPS have 2 cards and it selects the crappy one as default.

  2. try switching airport off… its been known to spike the CPU

  3. go to disk management in apps/utilities run repair disk permissions.

thx a lot phil gonna give them a try now, will let you know if it worked.

Get a pc lol