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How did you get that 360 photo of my studio?!?!

yeah… the Mau5ey got him beat. New studio pics. I think he added stuff… SPLOOGE!!


You can recognise that Mau5 studio from his live web cams :slight_smile:

It’s ok for some people with money, think we’d all have awesome studios if we could afford it.

[quote]Roben (02/02/2011)[hr]How did you get that 360 photo of my studio?!?![/quote]

Fish Eye Lens…

And I think its not D’Mau5’s studio - Its Rob Babicz’s place… Isnt it?

Really Rob! FFS!! :rolleyes: :wink: :P :D

Edit: Didnt look at Howies Photos… I;m Sorry!! :hehe:

Howies photos are Deadmau5’s, not the first photo one duhh

Yup :slight_smile:

yup, but dude has some great taste in gear man.