Another Daft Punk thread

I sincerely apologise for asking about this, I’m sure it’s been discussed before. Here goes:

How do I program a similar bass to the one in Daft Punk’s classic Around the world in ableton?

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thats an electric slap bass sample

sounds quite muffled too

could easily be remade using the included ‘Ebass’ sample included in the ‘how to sound like justice’ tute

then eq it abit

Both Justice and Daft Punk tend to favour the slap bass samples from the akai sample series - the CD that comes with the MPC & the old S series samplers.

Bit of filter, bit of distortian for the justice effect… and you’re laughing.

obvioulsy slightly different to the Electro sytnh basslines Justice peddle with little remorse :smiley:

This link might help with the bass midi pattern & timings you are after if not the actual sound…