Another song :D

I don’t know about you guys but I think the reverb is a bit much on the bells, but whatever.

Any critisism please even if it is “**** you!”

Sounds pretty good to me already!

You could try to stretch the part beginning at 1:15 and add a string pad or some other melodical elements and wait some more time until you bring in the drums again.

I really like the atmosphere you created in the track, especially at 1:15.

You could also add some eq’s to the kick, drums and hats so that they are a bit more dominant. I also feel like there is some room left in the high frequencies, adding some eq’s will add some excitation to the track. I could be wrong but I think those things may improve your sound.

Good work mate.

Thanks ever so much, and the atmosphere i was kind of going for was like semi-dark but it went a bit of the opposite direction. The drums is something i’ve always struggled with, EQing, making sure each part is as powerful as eachother. sigh… forever learning.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. :smiley:


You’ve got a nice groove going on there, but you’re right on the reverb: it gets really messy.  Try losing it or turn the decay down.  Or if you want to keep the reverb, try and give it some more space.  If it’s on the channel of the bells, put it on a return chain instead and gently turn open the send on the bells.  Once on the return chain you could do all sorts of thing to create more space in the reverb (browse the forum, there’s a thread or maybe even a tech tip if I’m not mistaking).  One tip I would give you: put a roll off on the reverb for starters and play around with it.  You’re losing out on grooviness because the lower frequencies are reverbing to much.



Seriously the best advice I have ever gotten, thanks so so much. I don’t know much about EQing and trying to keep things in order. Always learning eh? :smiley:

Anyway, thanks for everything.