Another Techno Track

What are your thoughts? I know…the Distortion is often not good for Soundcloud Codec. But tell me how you like it.

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Hey there @Woask

Yeah, this track really doesn’t translate well on Soundcloud, not only because of the distortion but also because it’s really loud. Then all the energy of the track is in the low end, so it’s really taking over other frequencies. Back to the distortion, when pushed to extreme, I think it’s more harming the track during some parts because we really loose clarity then.

To me it’s more a festival track that needs to be played on a big live system ( and even for this, it would be wise to cut off some low end and tame that kick & rumble a bit more ) but you can’t really mix such tracks the same way when you want to upload them on digital medias. You need to level down your levels & filter more low end.

Arrangement wise & still thinking about playing this one in a festival, I like the progression and the feel you managed to keep and also the use of effects to create the atmosphere.

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yes you’re right. It’s definitely not finished and I will focus on trying to fix the low end first. Yes it would be amazing to have the finished version in a festival. I hope it comes to that :wink:

So thank you first for your great analysis, that helps me a lot :smiley:

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