Any DJs here? Help me with something

Hey team.

Reaching out to the DJs amongst you.

For a bit of fun I thought I would start an interactive youtube DJ mix. Where each DJ takes over from the next, mixing into the last tune with a new one and so on.

I’ve done the first one (and a video kinda explaining it). These links are live, but not public (ie you have to have the link to view it).

Ideally I’d like to get one or two video responses up before setting it live to give it a bit of a start.

Basically you just need to upload a vid of you mixing into the tune I leave playing (full details of that are in the video description).

Anyone up for that? I’ll owe a beer to those that are!

Intro vid:

- YouTube

and the first mix:

- YouTube

What if two people mix out of the same tune?

Also, what if we don’t have the track that was used in track B of the last DJ?

Well the idea was that more than one response is welcome, meaning the mix can go off in many and multiple directions.

So if there were 2 responses to the first one, then 2 responses each to them the mix can go off in different directions much more easily.

Meaning as a listener you can kinda choose how the mix pans out.

If you dont have the tune from the previous DJ, either buy it, or mix into the audio from the Video… hence why you need to let it play out for a bit.

Im game man.

Count me in.

It would be sometin interesting to do i think.

Plus quirky stuff like this has serious potential to take off on youtube so if it did its pretty good exposure and if it don’t it was somethin new and fun.

i am down

I might give it a go actually. bangthedj, could you send me the B track you played and i’ll mix out of it?

I don’t own or have access to a camera unfortunately, or I would have jumped at the chance.

Apologies as this is slightly off topic, but on a similar note.

How about Sonic Academy Megamix Collection.

Each mix to be around an hour long, and a continuous mix through all tunes, doesn’t matter if it is over or under the time…

4 dj’s to one mix, recording approx 15 -18 minutes each, recorded to WAV. They can be anywhere in the world.

DJ 1 mixes their chosen tracks, sends onto 2, 2 then runs the mix from 1, and when it comes to near the end, starts mixing their selection in, sends that to DJ 3, DJ 3 plays the 30+ minutes and as with 2, near the end, starts mixing their tracks, DJ 4 has the 45 ish minute wait, and same again.

Each mix to be a different genre, and genre’s chosen by all…

I have been involved in 2 mixes like this and they were successful.

Is that OK if I record it with my cellphone camera?;p

Yeah that’s cool. Strictly speaking the audio is the important part, so you could just record that, and just use windows movie maker/iMovie with a still image to make it a ‘video’.

Or record the video with your cell phone, and take the line out from the mixer.

Lots of ways round it.


My camera isn’t working, i’m going to have to do the audio with a still image.

[quote][b]roben (20/06/2010)[/b][hr]OK PROBLEM!

My camera isn't working, i'm going to have to do the audio with a still image.[/quote]

LOL an still image? I to
ught u supposed. To post a video and not a picture

Either that from me or nothing till the other camera is back… so monday prolly.

I’ve just recorded the audio now.

I’ll do another one when i get other camera back.

Here we go, it was a first go so admittingly hearing back the acapella sounds a little quiet but i’m too lazy to re-record mixes.

Track Details:

Dumb Dan & Junior Radhus - Do the Exorcist (Original Mix) [Dumb Recordings] & Acapella & Samples


Aviccii & Sebastien Drums - My Feelings For You (Original Mix) [Vicious] & Sample

Good job roben

Nice one!

Now you just need to add it as a response to mine via tha comments box on youtube:

- YouTube

Where it says “respond to this video” and attach a video or whatever.

Again, thanks.!

[quote]bangthedj (20/06/2010)[hr]Nice one!

Now you just need to add it as a response to mine via tha comments box on youtube:

- YouTube

Where it says “respond to this video” and attach a video or whatever.

Again, thanks.![/quote]

It wont let me, just keeps saying error when i click post.

Yeah when i click ‘attach video’ it says:

You cannot post responses to this video.

Hmm, weird, cos you commented on it already didn’t you.

I’ve made the video fully public now… see if that makes any difference.


Ok it’s let me respond with video :slight_smile:

Mission accomplished. Just clicked through from mine to yours and the vague affect I was hoping for is totally there too.

I could easily imagine listening to your mix then clicking on through to someone elses etc etc…