Any Ears For Hire?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you would be kind enough to give me some feedback on a remix I have done for a friend who has just setup a label.

I’m pretty happy with the sounds I have used and created but if you would like to let me know if it sounds ok on your set up and what you make of the arrangement (obviously its not the full track) in the section I have uploaded.

I would very much appreciate it! :wink:

Modulator demo by djmarcatkins

i like the plucky synth that you use for your lead. that sounds cool.

the bass is cool in the beginning, but I don’t like it as much after the break/down drop…

It would be cool (IMO of course…) if maby the bass had a little more oooomf to it when you drop after the breakdown. or even better… an alternate riff from the 1 you started with. something with a bit more of a funky groove. that would really liven the track up.

thats just my opinion though! over all it was pretty good. a decently clean mix down.

i’d also do some drum variations during the breakdown… but thats just me!

Hey United. Cheers for the feedback. You know how you can listen to something too many times and u just burn your ears out. That’s how it got. So a second opinion really helped.

The bassline is one of the original parts from the remix pack I was given layered with another I made with the same notes. It doesn’t change after the break so maybe, as I have a filter on it I could open the filter a little more and see how that sounds can’t really rewrite the baseline as it won’t fit with the original parts.

As for drums in the break? I’m not sure. I’m thinking I could add a fill at the end or something.

Gonna give my ears a rest and have another listen.

Cheers again

Anyone else have any thoughts??

Cheers Ears!